Session details 14 October

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Wednesday 14 October 2009 ISRII 4th Meeting

Session 1: Youth & Implementation of web based interventions
1. Internet-based self-help versus treatment as usual for Posttraumatic Stress in parents to children with cancer; a randomized Equivalence trial, Martin Cernvall, Uppsala University & Linköping University Sweden
2. "Praten Online" (Talking online): design of a randomized trial to study the effectiveness of an online treatment for depressed young people, Barbara Conijn, Trimbos institute

Implementation of web based interventions:
3. Living Life to the Full & Living live to the Full interactive. Disseminating online web programs directly to the community. How we measure how it works? Michelle McAuley, NHS UK
4. Real world case studies of a preventative computerized cognitive behavioural package begin used to support employees withing large UK organizations, Amy McKeown, Xanthis LTD, UK

Session 2: Which treatment is most effective?
5. Internet delivered cognitive behavior therapy CBT) vs internet delivered psychoanalytic therapy for generalized anxiety disorder – which is more effective, Björn Paxling, Linköping University Sweden & Vu University Amsterdam
6. Internet-assisted therapy for adults with depressive symptoms; a randomized controlled trial for the effectiveness of Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) compared to cognitive behavior therapy, Tara Donker, VU University Amsterdam
7. Online cognitive behavioral therapy and problem-solving therapy for depressive symptoms: exploring mechanisms of change, Lisanne Warmerdam, VU University Amsterdam

Session 3: How to deal with different aspects of e-mental health: from development to finance
8. Using the web as a tool for improving health literacy and help-seeking behaviours in consumers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sonja March, University of Queensland
9. Computerized text analysis in computer-mediated therapy: the Interapy Post Traumatic Stress Corpus, Jeroen Ruwaard, University of Amsterdam
10. Web-guided Problem Solving for common mental disorders in South African communities with little acces to mental health, Edith van 't Hof.
11. The ECCO-Project: results of a randomized controlled trial of an internet based depression intervention in a telephone counseling setting, Louise Farrer, Australian National University
12. Economic evaluation of online computerized cognitive behavourial therapy without support for depression in primary care: a randomized trial, Sylvia Gerhards, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

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